Secure data storage

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It’s never been more important to ensure that business has a secure backup for its electronic information and IT infrastructure.







The demands of regulation, compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery all add to the need to guarantee the security and immediate accessibility of your data.

Wincanton Records Management offers a secure data storage solution for off-site data protection and security. Our specialist data tape storage solutions are designed to put you in control and provide total peace of mind.


Media backup tape storage

Wincanton Records Management provides secure data storage for electronic media in all formats. As electronic data needs a special kind of care and attention, we have invested in specialist storage vaults across the UK and Ireland. Our archive data vaults are positioned away from potential disaster areas, yet close enough to major cities to deliver a reliable service in line with retrieval and tape rotation requirements.

The vaults are kept at the precise temperature and humidity levels for the safe storage of electronic media, in line with the BS4783 standard for data protection. They are protected by sophisticated intruder alarms and a cutting-edge CCTV system, which is monitored 24/7, 365 days each year. All the vaults have early warning smoke detection systems and are protected by dry gas inert fire suppression.

All our facilities are built to the very highest security standards and equipped with dual door airlock entry, security PAC entry access, high perimeter fencing, intruder alarms and steel-faced insulated panels.


Secure data transport

Our high security transport vehicles are built and equipped to ensure that customers’ data is safe and secure in transit. All data is transported in temperature-controlled sealed transit containers with every vehicle having a dual-key starting system and GPS tracking.


Disaster recovery

Wincanton Records Management complements existing disaster recovery procedures to minimise downtime caused by data loss in the event of a major incident. As an integral part of our customers’ disaster recovery plans we also take part in many of their regular disaster recovery testing procedures so that if and when the need arises we are able to get the company up and running as fast as possibly achievable.

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