Secure records management and data archiving solutions

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Organisations cannot underestimate the importance of secure records management and data management procedures.








In any business where records are being continually generated, their efficient storage and management represents a major challenge as can ensuring that the key people have easy access to the documents and information they need to make business decisions. But space can quickly become an issue and companies need to decide where space is best utilised - for storing information or to seat staff who help to grow the business?

Wincanton Records Management works with customers from all market sectors to deliver a records management strategy that is tailored to fit the business needs. Our records management services cover all aspects of secure document and data management including:

  • Document management archiving and box storage
  • Offsite document storage
  • Data management solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data tape protection
  • Data destruction and shredding
  • Document scanning and imaging
  • Image hosting
  • In-house file tracking solutions
  • Records management consultancy


A proactive approach to records management

From day one we aim to really understand your business and your requirements for the records, documents and data you store. We work with you to define the exact rules and boundaries around your records management and document archiving needs – whether on-site or off-site storage is best, the most suitable collection and delivery cycles or document retention and destruction programmes.

For Wincanton Records Management, our solutions are about adding value at every point in a document’s life-cycle. We don’t just provide document archives or box storage facilities; we enable you to manage and track your information, whether electronic or hard-copy, regardless of its location and ensure that it gets in the right hands at the right time.

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