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Do you always know where your documents are? In transit, in storage or on a desk somewhere?









According to the International Data Centre (IDC), staff can spend up to 35% of their time searching for information. Secure storage of records is a necessity, but the ability to track where the documents are at any time of the day or night is a real company advantage.

Wincanton Records Management delivers WinQuest+, a secure file tracking solution which gives customers the ability to track their records 24/7 regardless of where they are stored.


Online document tracking - WinQuest+

WinQuest+ is designed to specifically control paper documents moving throughout an organisation. The system allows file tracking using barcodes or RFID and uses mobile technology so that it is not reliant on all records being in the same location.

Users have access to an online search engine providing real-time information on files, movement history and location. Requests can be placed online by internal staff, or managed and controlled by the records team.

WinQuest+ can be pre-programmed with retention periods, enabling the system to manage the lifecycle of the document from creation through to secure destruction.

The file tracking solution can be integrated seamlessly with other back office system such as case management, personnel or finance, removing the need for records managers to upload or manually key data that is already held in other internal systems.

This innovative file tracking solution provides users with a full real-time view of all internal company documents, providing a complete audit trail and event history to deliver peace of mind across the whole business.

Whether the document is stored off-site within one of our long-term archive management facilities, or is a live document, moving regularly around the organisation, WinQuest+ provides full visibility and history of document usage and tracking.

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