Public sector records management


cctvWincanton Records Management is trusted by a number of public sector bodies to store highly sensitive information such as criminal records or confidential policy documents.






“WRM’s security is purpose-built around customer needs. Some of the vaults are so advanced they regulate their own climates and are protected by the very latest security techniques.”


Secure information management solutions

The records management and data protection needs of government departments and public sector bodies are becoming increasingly complex and time-sensitive. These same organisations have increasing pressure on them to implement cost-effective secure document storage solutions that reduce the risks involved in protecting, managing and providing timely access to that information.

Wincanton Records Management works closely with many government departments, agencies and public sector organisations across the UK and Ireland providing consultancy services to determine the most cost-efficient and effective data policies to fit individual requirements, whether that be on-site records management or off-site storage and retrieval policies.

With public sector organisations often needing to store historic documents for decades after they were last required, secure document storage solutions are often required alongside the more flexible document storage and retrieval processes. Wincanton Records Management can deliver both, all delivered within the same high commitment to quality and service levels.

We understand the requirements of legislation such as the Data Protection Act and our criminal bureau checked staff are all trained to adhere to and advise regarding retention policies and secure data destruction programmes.

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