Pharmaceutical records storage


Scanning boxesWincanton Records Management delivers a specialised approach to document storage and management to pharmaceutical companies where security is critically important.





“Having spent time looking around the market, we found that there were no other suppliers in the market that could meet our service requirements.”


Secure document management services and archiving

The pharmaceuticals sector has a high-level of complex language, procedures and regulations, so a specialist approach to records management is required.

The document management and archiving services that Wincanton Records Management provides to pharmaceutical companies are unparalleled as we ensure that we maintain a team of trained professionals who understand the complex language and procedures involved.

Our expertise includes advising how document management and archiving assists in adhering to good laboratory and clinical practice guidelines. Documents such as trial and test data can be needed immediately at any point now or in the future, therefore Wincanton Records Management ensures that robust document retention policies are in place to support any records management strategy.

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