Data and asset management for energy companies



Van and buildingWincanton Records Management delivers information management solutions across the complete spectrum of data requirements experienced by the many different types of energy companies.





Secure data and management solutions

The nature of organisations within the oil and gas sector is unique and diverse with different business functions all having bespoke requirements for records management. For example, the exploration and production businesses are data-intensive with the information needing to be retained for decades. The cost of generating this information extends to millions and therefore the value of these assets is high and their safe-keeping is of paramount importance. Wincanton Records Management provides market-leading electronic document management and secure archive facilities for managing, protecting and delivering this information as and when needed.

Many organisations in the energy field have also been in existence for many years and therefore have information in both physical and electronic formats. Wincanton Records Management has the ability to integrate physical and digital data to provide a single view, immediately accessible at any point in time, from any location in the world using our electronic document management systems. This global accessibility enhances an organisation’s ability to search, access and share assets and data with both partners and regulators across worldwide territories, with no boundaries.

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