11 September 2012

Ensuring your employees know about data compliance


The topic for August’s website poll was ‘Do your employees fully understand the importance of compliant data and records management?’ the result of which was worrying but not surprising.


A staggering 63% of those voting clicked ‘no’ and feel that their employees are not aware of the importance of compliant data and records management, whilst only 32% think their teams are up to speed on the need for compliancy.


There are several ways in which businesses can ensure their information is safe and secure and also compliant with legislation such as the Data Protection Act, Sarbanes Oxley and sector regulations.


These steps include, storing your information confidentially and securely away from hazards such as fire and floods.


Regardless of whether the hard copy information within your premises is confidential or not, it is sensible to implement a shred-all policy ensuring all paper waste is disposed of. In this instance it is always best to use an accredited contractor who will provide you with a ‘certificate of destruction’ so you can monitor all the information being destroyed.


As experts in the field of Data Records Management, we at WRM can ensure you have an information management policy and process in place. We are always happy to work with you to outline the areas of compliance you must adhere to and advise you on the steps which must be taken to keep you, your employees and your business within the law.


The WRM team

Posted on 11 September 2012