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The topic for August’s website poll was ‘Do your employees fully understand the importance of compliant data and records management?’ the result of which was worrying but not surprising.


A staggering 63% of those voting clicked ‘no’ and feel that their employees are not aware of the importance of compliant data and records management, whilst only 32% think their teams are up to speed on the need for compliancy.


There are several ways in which businesses can ensure their information is safe and secure and also compliant with legislation such as the Data Protection Act, Sarbanes Oxley and sector regulations.


These steps include, storing your information confidentially and securely away from hazards such as fire and floods.


Regardless of whether the hard copy information within your premises is confidential or not, it is sensible to implement a shred-all policy ensuring all paper waste is disposed of. In this instance it is always best to use an accredited contractor who will provide you with a ‘certificate of destruction’ so you can monitor all the information being destroyed.


As experts in the field of Data Records Management, we at WRM can ensure you have an information management policy and process in place. We are always happy to work with you to outline the areas of compliance you must adhere to and advise you on the steps which must be taken to keep you, your employees and your business within the law.


The WRM team

Posted on: 11 September 2012


In July’s website poll, we asked ‘are you 100% certain that your confidential information is being securely shredded and destroyed?’  And the result didn’t come as a big surprise to the WRM team.


Some 68% of our audience voted ‘No’, which means that only 32% are confident that their important and sensitive business information is being disposed of correctly.


Unfortunately, many organisations will only address these issues during a crisis situation – if data is stolen and misused for example.  Aptly termed ‘dumpster divers’ can still use the data from documents that are disposed of by conventional office shredders – and your important business information can easily end up in the wrong hands. 


As well as thinking about the consequences associated with theft and fraudulent activity to your business, there are actually significant commercial advantages to ensuring your documents are securely shredded and destroyed. It can save your employees time and in the longer term save you money off your cost base, which is all the more important in the current economic climate.


As part of the WRM secure shredding service, we place securely locked shredding consoles or bins in strategic locations around your premises. These consoles and bins contain specially designed secure sacks which collect the paper to be destroyed. The sacks are then collected by on of our security-checked team in line with the agreed collection schedule and removed to a secure location where the contents are shredded.  This avoids the risk of dumpster divers being able to find and use confidential information within the documents.  We’ve also added some secure shredding vehicles to our transport fleet, so documents can be safely destroyed there and then at your premises for extra peace of mind.


At WRM we believe that having a confidential shredding programme in place will not only protect your organisation from exposure to data theft and fraud, it also makes smart business sense.


The WRM team

Posted on: 01 August 2012

In this months’ poll, we asked ‘should UK and EU data protection legislation be standardised?’


At Wincanton Records Management, we pride ourselves on our safe and secure methods of information and data storage. We agree with the 78% of you that voted ‘yes’ – a standardised approach is needed to ensure data is completely secure and protected across the EU. Operating by a single set of common laws will help to tackle many of the current issues that surround how data is collected, stored and used across the different EU member states. This will be especially important for UK businesses that trade with the continent.


Currently, due in part to the lack of standardised legislation in the UK and throughout Europe, personal data can potentially be accessed and used for the wrong reasons. Some estimates predict that one person’s information is worth over £150 to online companies, such as Amazon and eBay. The new changes are expected to save companies and businesses around €2.3 billion a year.


We’re glad you agreed with us on this one, but what will you think about next months’ poll - are you 100% certain that your confidential information is being securely shredded and destroyed? You can visit our homepage to cast your vote now.


The WRM team

Posted on: 06 July 2012


In our very first poll, 'to sprinkle or not to sprinkle' we were delighted to see our visitors voting with their fingers to a resounding YES, with 68% of votes being in favour of using sprinkler systems within records management centres.


Here at Wincanton Records Management we have made a promise to our customers to take the utmost care of their documents and data - this includes in the event of an unforeseen disaster such as a fire. We think a soggy document is a much better situation to get out of than a cindered one!


And on stand by we have our vacuum freeze drying recovery method to bring soggy documents back to life - something we can't do with fire-damaged ones.


So, we're pleased that the voters agreed with us on this one... however, we're sure that won't always be the case!


This month we are asking whether you agree that UK and EU legislation on data protection should be standardised - visit our home page to vote now.


The WRM team

Posted on: 01 June 2012

The new Wincanton Records Management website has arrived and we really hope you like it. Our aim is to make WRM an engaging, attractive and informative place to visit online. And that’s what we have done - in an industry dominated by files and boxes our new website really does provide a breath of fresh air.

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Posted on: 30 April 2012

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