10 top tips for data security


We are experts in the protection and security of business information and data. As such we offer advice and guidance to all types and sizes of businesses to help ensure their information is safe, accessible and compliant with legislation such as the Data Protection Act, Sarbanes Oxley and sector regulations.

Through our years of experience we have developed the top ten tips for data security to help protect your business reputation:


1. Create an information management policy and process

If you do not currently have a policy or process in place you are immediately in the high risk category for being a victim of data theft.


2. Store your confidential information securely

Live documents and data should be kept in secure premises, away from all hazards such as fire, flood and theft. At end-of-life use lockable consoles, containers and bins to retain confidential waste when on site. Surveys highlight that a large proportion of data theft is committed by employees and contractors.


3. Implement a shred-all policy

Take the decision of whether the information is confidential or not out of your employees hands. Simply implement one secure shredding bin ensuring that all paper waste is destroyed securely.


4. Destroy data properly

Shred all confidential documents and data through an accredited contractor who can collect, store and securely destroy on your behalf.


5. Keep an audit trail

Ensure that your accredited shredding contractor provides you with a 'certificate of destruction' for all work carried out to ensure you have a record of the information being destroyed. This will help your company ensure compliance and support data auditing requirements.


6. Check identities

Use credit reference agencies to verify the identity of your preferred suppliers and contractors. Make sure that your contractor's staff are CRB checked, uniformed and carry identity passes.


7. Secure your accounts

Don't allow bank details to escape into the public domain. Thieves are adept at falsifying signatures.


8. Inform staff

Train all your employees and contractors on how to manage their confidential data and documents and monitor their behaviour and adherence to the rules.


9. Do not carry large amounts of confidential data on your person

Data held on unencrypted laptops, data sticks or mobile devices are magnets for thieves who can exploit this confidential data.


10. Talk to Wincanton Records Management

For guidance and advice on all aspects of data security and document management then get in touch today.

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