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Should you join us and choose to embrace the drive for delivering customer satisfaction to a new level, you will benefit from a personalised career development plan and focused training.


Success factors


Our team uses an online personal development platform called Success Factors. This allows you to set business and personal objectives that are aligned to your own career targets as well as those of your line manager and business as a whole. These are reviewed at any time as Success Factors is an open environment that allows everyone to understand and support each others' goals and achievements. This solution also allows individuals to design and agree a complete development programme that is viewed across the whole Wincanton Group, allowing the whole organisation to see the skills available in the workforce. This supports the transitioning of staff into different divisions of the business or on to projects which both support their personal objectives and the company's growth.


Leadership Development Framework (LDF)


Most development programmes are designed to develop graduates, management trainees, those wishing to become managers and general supervisory roles. However, Wincanton's LDF programme is targeted specifically at those individuals who currently work within the entry positions, helping them to gain the opportunities required to develop their skills in-line with their current ability. With the LDF programme, development is made at your pace enabling you to grow in-line with your own desires and objectives.

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